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Retro Smart Nixie Clock


Omnixie Smart Wifi Nixie Clock, More Advanced, More Retro, Smart, Stand Out From Other Nixie Tube Clocks, Must Be A Perfect Interpretation Of Nixie Tubes Again.Specific Characteristics: 1. Omnixie supports swappable...

Omnixie Smart Wifi Nixie Clock, More Advanced, More Retro, Smart, Stand Out From Other Nixie Tube Clocks, Must Be A Perfect Interpretation Of Nixie Tubes Again.

Specific Characteristics:

1. Omnixie supports swappable Nixie tubes.

Replace Nixie tubes has always been a difficult problem. Due to the limited life of the Nixie tube, when the Nixie tube needs to be replaced, except for some pluggable Nixie tube models (such as the NL-5441/NL-841, etc.), the fly pins Nixie tube requires some tools and soldering techniques to disassemble (such as IN-14/IN-8-2/Z570M/Z1080M, etc.). Prior to this, some friends simply used a smaller diameter socket pins to design a pluggable socket for the fly pins Nixie tube, the soft pin of Nixie tube was directly inserted into such a socket, but the soft fly pins of Nixie tube is tin plated and very thin, some of the pins have been oxidized easily lead to poor contact and easily fall off. The Omnixie C series compatible fly pins Nixie tubes are all connected with adapter with gold-plated connectors ensure stable and reliable connection with easy  tube replacement.
2. Omnixie base is made of aluminum panel, hardwood frame and stainless steel
Natural wood can set off the beauty of classical art, but only use of wood is too monotonous, so this time we use the aluminum alloy panel, with carbon gray anodizing, 600 mesh drawing process and high light edge processing, and the middle frame is made of nature wood. There are three types of wood: Bamboo, Beech and Ebony, and the bottom plate is made of 304 stainless steel with wire drawing. 
3. Omnixie wooden frame thickness is only 6mm
In order to make Omnixie base to achieve the ultimate thin, components selection and PCB design overcome a lot of diffculties, but also in the 6mm chick space to place tubes, power inductors, speakers and other big size components, basically in the installation space of the Nixie tubes can not arrange any of electronic components, but the visual impact of the thin base is shocking.
4. Omnixie supports WIFI synchronization with NTP server
WIFI synchronization is the innovation of this design, WIFI network is very popular, the Omnixie has a built-in WIFI module that can connect to router automatically and sync the date and time from NTP server (NTP time accuracy can reach 1-50ms) after initial setup, NTP is a protocol used to synchronize the time of a computer. NTP servers are distributed all over the world, user can choose the fasted NTP server based on their location.
With the WIFI timekeeping function, we are not relying on a high-precision RTC chip, and no longer need to set the clock from time to time, it can automatically adjust for leap year, leap second, daylight saving time, etc. without human adjustment, and after the Omnixie successfully connecting to the NTP server, it will communicates with the NTP server in real time to ensure that the date and time is accurate in real time.
Compared with GPS receiver, it is no longer necessary to connect expensive GPS receivers, and it is not necessary to place clock or GPS receiver in the open air. Compared to the timekeeping of the radio module (E.g.: DCF77, JJY, BPC, WWV etc.), it does not require a big size and poor anti-interference ability radio module.
5. Omnixie supports Web configuration via WIFI
For the various settings of the clock, we have been looking for a simpler and more user-friendly setup method. Most of the current methods are using the buttons on the clock, or using an IR remote, and make settings following the instructions. The Omnixie abandoned buttons, there’s no buttons on the clock, we provide a new setting interface, users can access the Omnixie dashboard to configuration of all the Omnixie features through any web browser, including iPhone, Android, Mac or PC. The setting interface is clearly even don’t need the user manual.
Before using the Omnixie for the first time, it needs to be set to use your home network and requires a ‘one time’ setup, then you can access the Omnixie’s dashboard through the mobile phone or through the browser of the Mac or PC just like using an APP to configure it, including WIFI parameter settings, NTP settings, system status, general settings, display settings, alarm settings and firmware upgrade.
6. Omnixie supports DHCP, mDNS, SSDP
The Omnixie supports DHCP settings for external network access, supports mDNS for browser domain name access (no need to remember device IP address), supports SSDP for fast network discovery.
With Microsoft Windows, open the Network, in the Home Automation category will see the Omnixie’s icon, double-click the icon to open the Omnixie Dashboard.
7. Omnixie supports GMT setting and DST setting
No metter where the Omnixie is used in the world, you only need to set the local GMT time zone, and also can set the local daylight saving time rules, Omnixie will always provide accurate local time.
The Omnixie supports custom DST rules, you can set the start time and end time of daylight saving time, the Omnixie will automatically adjust the time at the start and the end of daylight saving time according to the set rules, don’t need to change the clock in Spring and Fall.
8. Adjustable 8 Brightness Levels of Nixie tube and back light
8 brightness levels for the Nixie tubes and backlights, which can also be automatically adjusted according to ambient light conditions to allow sleep at night.
The Omnixie uses a visible light sensor, which is not an ordinary light-sensitive resistor, effectively filters infrared light, and collects visible natural light to control the brightness of the Nixie tubes.
9. Omnixie supports talking clock with four languages
The Omnixie intelligent speech system in English, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese and German, can trigger talking clock in any time by press the button on IR remote, also can be set to talking clock automatically at regular intervals.
10.Omnixie powered by USB power supply
The Omnixie uses standard USB power supply with 5V input (700mA Max), Micro-USB plug.