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Color Changing Boiled Egg Timer


The egg timer perfectly boiled eggs will give you eggs in any style of cooking condition as you want. Get easy, you need the time nolonger to calculate the differentiated scale of...

The egg timer perfectly boiled eggs will give you eggs in any style of cooking condition as you want. Get easy, you need the time no
longer to calculate the differentiated scale of thermal sensitivity in the color changing, egg timer will perfectly show you boiled eggs.

Thermosensitive Staggered scales show, when eggs are soft, medium or hard by heat sensitivity instead of the time. Soft boiled eggs
are just like you love. Hard-boiled eggs are not cooked through, so you have perfect color egg yolks and a smooth texture.

Egg timer can be caught cold on the counter.  

Note : Do not immerse the eggtimer in cold water after use.
Procedure :

Placed in pan with eggs, timer darkens as eggs cook -- Not to set a timer when the eggs are Calculates cooking stages precisely
by temperature, not loosely by time -- Reacts to heat just as an egg does & eggs come out just right.
Great for soft boiled eggs and the timing was right as the color changed for those who have problems with timing eggs.
Easy to see color change when submerged as the pic shown -- As the timer heats up the Red face changes color, indicating soft,
medium, hard and stages in between 
Most Innovative Color Changing Moxe Egg Timer: Main purpose of Moxe Egg Timer is to indicate how far you heated up the egg 
whether a boiled egg is soft medium or hard condition.
It will give you the result you wish and perfect state of boil as per your mood either one egg or with a dozen too.
Even you don’t need any instructions. You just simply place kitchen egg timer in boiling water and watch it change color as you
cook from red to white which starting with the outside and moving towards the center. When the color change reaches your desired
spot on the scale of soft to hard boiled simply take your perfectly cooked eggs out and enjoy
Perfect egg timer made of food grade and heat resistant Green Resin material. Moxe Egg Timer also FDA approved and non BPA
which means nontoxic and safe to use for your family anytime.
This product is very easy to clean. We recommend by hand wash for a faster easier clean anytime any day without being broken or
damaged. Good egg timer for kids breakfast.
Specification :

Type : Dial Timers
Feature : Eco-Friendly
Fixed Time : ≤1 hours
Material : Resin
Color : Red
Weight : About 65g
Diameter : 56mm x 40mm

Package Includes :

1 x KCASA KC-008
 Egg Perfect Color Changing Timer