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Did we just see the death of corded cleaning?

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The Dyson  cord-free vacuum, there we said it. DYSON. It’s cordless. Is this the future of the vacuum? Cordless is the new way of living. I know what you are thinking. Remember the time you had to vacuum and the cord would get stuck as you are trying to maneuver your way your grandmother’s real oak wooden dining room set, where each chair had the equivalent weight of a joyful koala. I remember, and now we have cordless. Meno male! Unless you are living in Sycamore Valley Ranch, you sure have enough juice to vacuum the place you call home. Dyson is making it’s way to the top of our list with its series of cordless vacuums.




Living in 2017 I asked myself, do I really want to clean or can I just “Kijiji” something like that? Fast-forward to 2018 I bought myself a automatic cleaner “ The smart robot vaccum “ Sweeping hasn’t been easier since I am not even doing it. This bad-boy run for 90 minutes and when it’s out of juice, the device returns to it’s charging station. It’s amazing, I can program and set timeframes on when I would like “ Robert “ to clean. It’s part of the family. We respect each other.




Sometimes, I am kicking it old school – Yellow Gloves, vinegar and Duran Duran playing as I get on my hands and knees and scrub-a-rub-dub. Is it my OCD? Yeah, it is. I like my stuff to be PERFECT.  Remember, first impressions last a lifetime- so scrub away my friend, scrub away. What does this all mean? I’ll tell you what is means, it means that you are about to enter into an array of the coolest products you didn’t even know exist. The corded vaccum is dead and we got the latest in tech, gadget and gear to make your life easier, take a look for yourself and click here



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